Jeff has a wide variety of experience that lends itself to specialization in several different areas.  He has renovated whole houses, does excellent stone work, is talented in landscape design and is creative when handed a challenge by the homeowner!

Although Jeff's Home Service does kitchens, baths, patios, decks and retaining walls on a regular basis, our landscape work is an added benefit we offer.  The newest trend is edible landscapes: beautiful greens, brilliant peppers and sweet teardrop tomatoes can compliment your patio or kitchen view.  Edible landscaping can save the world... or just some money at the grocery store!
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Sometimes, it is easy being green...

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Malabar;  high in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium.  Low in calories, but high in protien per calorie.  This perennial vine is perfect for a hot St. Louis summer.... 
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Did you know?  The EPA now requires contractors working on homes built prior to 1978 be certified.  Why?  Ask us or check out: 
Jeff is a proud member of the National Concrete Masonry Association.  He has recieved the credential of CSRWI.